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Impact Portfolio

As a seasoned social innovator, my extensive social impact background spans both the for-profit and nonprofit sectors, affording me profound insights into best practices within the industry. Over the years, I've led diverse projects spanning humanitarian, environmental, fine arts, and public health causes.

"Patricia is the epitome of a Torrey Project graduate. She is a shining light and a great example of what happens when you combine talent, hard work, sound business ethics and a servant leadership mentality.
Patricia was amazingly supportive of her peers during the Torrey Project Bootcamp and has continued to support them after graduating. She has also been incredibly helpful in her efforts to design, launch and lead Torrey Project's Clubhouse event series. Frankly, we never would have, or could have, done it without her.
I love seeing how Patricia balances her various roles as mentee, mentor, creator, entrepreneur and leader.
This is a young lady with a very high ceiling. I can't wait to see what she does next."

~ Dave Ferran, Torrey Project CEO


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