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A friend once told me “you’re like a spicy jalapeno lime Tostito chip – you look super basic, but once you take a bite, BOOM! You didn’t expect that!”


Other ways I’ve been described: 


Multi-passionate. Lyme Warrior. Playwright. Social Innovator. Recovering Perfectionist. Quirky. Eccentric. Passionate. Creative. Collaborative.


Whatever you call me, I’m here to help you voice your big ideas and birth them into the world. And not only that, but to do it in a way that’s sustainable for your health.




I knew from a young age that I wanted to be in the impact space but was also artistically inclined. Didn’t know how it would fit together - I liked allll the things - very multi passionate. 


Teenage me couldn’t decide if I wanted to attend a singing conservatory or become the CEO of a nonprofit.


I realized that it was more about the vision and the values than it is about the title. 


Feeling aligned with my vision and values is the most important thing and the “what” can change… and it has changed many times! 



Toward the end of 2021, I started to experience new levels of health, freedom, and new possibilities. I felt nervous and awkward, like a fearful little fish out of water.


I’d been fighting Lyme and mold illness for 13+ years (8 years undiagnosed, 4-5 years of treatment), and I was finally starting to feel almost symptom-free. I call it “remission-ish.”


As I healed, I realized the old stories didn’t matter anymore. I was no longer running from the tiger. So much of my life had been spent in survival mode. Chronic stress no longer needed to be my story, which raised questions: “Who am I without Lyme disease? Who am I without limitations?”


Even though I had been fighting and praying for this moment for so long, the transition from living with chronic illness to being able-bodied actually increased the uncertainty in my life.


Don’t get me wrong – the journey from being a relatively healthy child to developing an invisible illness in my teens and learning to adapt was also a huge transition. It required a lot of intentionality to grieve, let go, accept, pivot, and learn how to enjoy my life and thrive amidst constant physical pain and neurological symptoms.


I did that work. It forever changed me as a person.


Then what I did not expect was for the transition from chronic sickness to health to feel so difficult and confusing.


That was when I decided I was in a new chapter. It was time to rewrite A LOT of things in my life.


I made major changes. I was let go from a job that didn’t align with my values. I completed my first Spartan race. I ended a 3.5 year relationship. I did a complete overhaul of my closet.


Needless to say, I completely changed my life. I transitioned from feeling burdened by many limitations to feeling limitless.



An understanding of the nervous system and how it works underlies everything I do. Organic Intelligence is the framework I am most closely aligned with. Ultimately, I believe that when we are gentle with ourselves and learn to honor our bodies and intuition, we can heal and lead our lives in more sustainable ways. That is how we make an impact.


In regards to creative development, Anna Deavere Smith, Eve Ensler, Larry Kramer, and Catherine Filloux were examples I looked to when writing The Great Imitator. These playwrights inspire me with how they used theatre to advocate for their respective causes.


Further, I am a lifelong student of social innovation, the application of interdisciplinary approaches to complex global problems. I started designing and implementing impact projects at a young age, which led me to a Master of Arts in Social Innovation through the University of San Diego. I have experience with a variety of causes, including but not limited to: public health, marine conservation, human rights, access to education, and economic development. I see design thinking as a powerful tool that can also be applied to our personal lives. The key is to iterate and evolve – be a student of your own lived experience and grow from there.






  • I sometimes dance when I eat. Particularly when I really, really love my food.

  • I’m a total health nerd. While I don’t talk about it much on the Internet, I’m super passionate about activating your body’s detox pathways and supporting your body’s God-given ability to heal itself.

  • Before Lyme disease, I was an avid traveler. My first taste of international travel without my family was a 9-day backpacking trip through Costa Rica when I was 14. Other highlights include a cross-cultural, service learning exchange in Thailand when I was 17 and a summer working in Japan when I was 19. 

  • My family calls me the household entertainment committee. When you first meet me, I might give off formal vibes. But when you get to know me, I’m the biggest goof.

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