You can’t help but come up with countless big ideas. It’s instinctive for you to go all in on all of those ideas. But you wonder whether you can actualize your dreams without becoming overcommitted, overworked, and overwhelmed.

You approach life starting new projects full of passion, conviction, and with a desire for impact. But you’re not sure it’s possible to do it all. Truth be told, you’re burning out.


I ask you open-ended, curious questions within a space of inclusion and compassion. I show you it’s possible to show up and express yourself fully. And guide you toward a path that feels good, fun, and easy. You’ll see that you’re capable of so much more. You’ll be able to do less yet create greater impact. And you’ll create a life full of energy, beautiful relationships, and time for your favorite creative projects!


Your Next Chapter is a group program designed to help you become the active designer of your life no matter what awkward, messy transitional phase you're in.

Our next cohort starts January 2023.

Imagine the possibilities...

Image by mrjn Photography

Explore & Inquire.

  • Name and claim your dreams.

  • Align your actions with your words and goals.

  • Reclaim your calendar.

Image by Christoffer Engström

Feel & Connect.

  • Own who you are.

  • Give yourself permission to grieve.

  • Reconnect with your true self.

  • Design your well-being toolkit.

Image by Tim Marshall

Be. & then Mobilize.

  • Rest and recharge.

  • Be present with yourself and loved ones.

  • Take action & amplify your impact.


  • Your body is your friend.

  • Rest is essential.

  • Your imagination is limitless.

  • Feel your feelings and be honest with yourself. This allows you to move through whatever is keeping you stuck.

  • Progress over perfection. All or nothing leads to... nothing.

  • Celebrating your wins creates more wins.

Where will you be in
three months?