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You can’t help but come up with countless big ideas. It’s instinctive for you to go all in on all of those ideas. But you wonder whether you can actualize your dreams without becoming overcommitted, overworked, and overwhelmed.

You approach life starting new projects full of passion, conviction, and with a desire for impact. But you’re not sure it’s possible to do it all. Truth be told, you’re burning out.


I ask you open-ended, curious questions within a space of inclusion and compassion. I show you it’s possible to show up and express yourself fully. And guide you toward a path that feels good, fun, and easy. You’ll see that you’re capable of so much more. You’ll be able to do less yet create greater impact. And you’ll create a life full of energy, beautiful relationships, and time for your favorite creative projects!


Your Next Chapter is a group program designed to help you become the active designer of your life no matter what awkward, messy transitional phase you're in.

10 transformative weeks.

Between our weekly group calls, 1:1 coaching, and unlimited Telegram access, you will feel incredibly supported during this transition in your life.

Imagine the possibilities...

Image by mrjn Photography

Explore & Inquire.

  • Claim your dreams.

  • Align your actions with your words.

  • Own your calendar.

Image by Christoffer Engström

Feel & Connect.

  • Reconnect with your true self.

  • Let go of what's holding you back.

  • Design your support system.

Image by Tim Marshall

Be. & then Mobilize.

  • Rest and recharge.

  • Map your big vision and action plan.

  • Amplify your impact.


  • Your creativity is limitless.

  • Your body is your friend. Rest & listen to it.

  • Progress over perfection. All or nothing leads to... nothing.

  • Celebrating your wins creates more wins.

Where will you be
in your next chapter?


I was thrilled to be a part of the debut of Patricia’s group offering, Your Next Chapter. The weekly accountability of having conscious goals really helped me progress in both clarity around and movement towards the offerings I was creating.


Patricia held space for vulnerability while also asking deeper questions to get to the root of some blockages around several things standing in my way. The manifesto I created is one of my most sacred tools, and it was here that we created these proclamations rooted in community. Priceless. ❤️

~ Erin Fenske

Patricia’s Your Next Chapter was time well spent and provided a lot of growth through the transition I was making in life. Her feedback and program provided remembrance of who I am and how I operate in my life.

Life was heavy with grief, despair and uncertainty. I was anchored and encouraged by support, even challenged at times.


I learned to clear space and close a chapter before starting the next. I was reminded to rest when my body needed to. I was provided room to be seen, heard, and honored.


I named my own objectives. I continued to be open to guidance. Things began to line up. Little by little, I can steer along the journey. I will hold my vision. I would recommend anyone take this program and explore themselves and their future more deeply.

~ KK



This was such an awakening experience! We all get so consumed by the holidays and busy schedules, so taking the time to do a guided reflection was just what I needed to stay grounded and grateful.

Getting insights from the group was eye-opening as well, and it gave me a clearer view of my intentions going forward into the new year!


I gained the ability to have one more full glass of confidence, so that I could tackle my next challenge and shift my current adversities in preparation for the next set of goals.


Patricia asked thought provoking questions in her End of Year Reflection workshop and it was nice to contemplate the past year. We started off dancing to loosen up and get into our bodies and then we journaled.

Our group was not afraid to share what we learned in 2022 and it was nice to connect with common souls I have never met before. Patricia created a space where we felt safe and empowered to share our thoughts and experiences, clearing a path to start 2023 with fresh possibilities.


This session was impactful for me because I received practical tools to help me reflect and think in a systematic way about how I want to move into the new year. I was privileged to meet likeminded, insightful people. I felt able to come as I am, both with the things I'm good at and the things in which I'm growing, without judgment. 

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