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Design Your Next Chapter




If you’ve made it here, you might be smack in the messy middle of a highly awkward, overwhelming time of uncertainty and change in your life. 


Whether you’re initiating the change yourself, or it’s happening to you (hello, chronic illness, breakups, layoffs, loss, and more!), one thing’s for sure: 


You are full of infinite possibilities. 


You might just need a bit of guidance to get unstuck and activate the potential inside of you. 


I'm Patricia, and as someone who has navigated the awkward messy middle many times in my life, it's one of my greatest joys as a life coach to guide people through it and into a season of new possibilities.


Here are some of the ways I’ve supported my clients: 

  • finding health and fulfillment in the midst of chronic illness (diagnosed or not)

  • healing after breakups and inviting more expansion and love into their lives

  • figuring out their new purpose and community in retirement

  • helping them to finally write their play or book

  • and so many more ways they are living the fully expressed versions of themselves


If this resonates with you, I would love to meet you! Let’s get started with a complimentary session. 

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